The MSC 2024: First Time in History
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The MSC 2024: First Time in History

People are talking about the MSC 2024 right now, and the MPL teachers and managers have something to say about it! MLBB, It was the first time in history that three teams from outside of Southeast Asia competed in the Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023).

Which country should be a part of The MSC 2024 is the most important question.

A lively panel discussion took place on the second day of the knockout round at MSC 2023. Notable people like Archie “TicTac” Reyes, head coach of ECHO, Mitch “zMitch” Sato, coach of BURN X Flash, and Aji Wicaksono, manager of EVOS Legends, talked about who they thought would be the next big contender.

The MSC 2024: China is the centre of interest, as agreed upon by everyone.

It was clear to the MPL coaches and managers which area they wanted to see next at MSC 2024: China! “China” was Aji Wicaksono’s first choice, and he was the first person to say it. According to TicTac, the head coach, they agreed right away. He brought up China’s past of winning MOBA titles and the threat they might pose.

The strength of China’s gaming industry: a key factor

zMitch backed them, saying that he had played with Chinese players and seen how talented they are at both small and large scales. There is more evidence to support the idea that China’s involvement in the MSC would be both exciting and a real challenge for teams from other countries.

The MSC 2024: Mobile Legends came to China late in the game’s life

When Mobile Legends: Bang Bang came out in China, it got the green light from the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA). The project didn’t really start until this year. The game got a lot of attention, even though it came out late. This is especially true when you think about China’s long and successful past with multiplayer online battle arena games.

The journey of China in Major League Baseball (MLB): a game called “The Pinnacle of Decisive Victory”

“决胟巒峰” (jue sheng dian feng) is what Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is called in Chinese. The Mandarin language gives this name its meaning, which is “The Pinnacle of Decisive Victory.” This is because the official release date of the game in China has not been set yet, which makes Chinese players very excited.

It can be said that MSC 2024 has one more exciting feature.

Fans of Mobile Legends can’t help but look forward to the excitement that this huge gaming country will bring to the game as the MPL coaches and management work together to include China in the Mobile Super Championship 2024. China’s involvement in the MSC 2024 will definitely be a fight that people will remember for a long time. This is because China has a lot of experience with multiplayer online battle arena games. Also, the players are very good at them. Watch this exciting SLOT GAMPANG MENANG into the heart of Mobile Legends competition. Stay tuned for more news on this exciting quest!