17 Jul, 2024

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The MSC 2024: First Time in History

People are talking about the MSC 2024 right now, and the MPL teachers and managers have something to say about it! MLBB, It was the first time in history that three teams from outside of Southeast Asia competed in the Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023). Which country should be a part of The MSC […]
4 mins read

Balmond ML: Unleash the Fighter Within!

Balmond ML, the cool fighter in Mobile Legends, opens up a world of possibilities for your playstyle. Whether you’re craving intense damage dealing, sturdy tanking, or a mix of both, here are some tips to bring out the best in Balmond throughout the game. Crushing It in the Early Game: Focus on Dealing Damage When […]

Features and Events

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Lisson Gallery: Cory Arcangel Latest Gig “Errors and Omissions”

So, Cory Arcangel, the artist extraordinaire, has rolled out his new show, “Errors and Omissions,” at Lisson Gallery in Shanghai. This ain’t his first rodeo in Shanghai, but it sure packs a punch! The exhibit’s a deep dive into his creative world, showcasing all sorts of cool stuff—from video games to high-tech aluminum paintings. The […]

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The Allure of Modern Elegance: Introducing the Longines Mini DolceVita

Now, let’s talk about the freshest addition to Longines’ ladies’ watch crew—the Mini DolceVita. This ain’t just a smaller version of the DolceVita line that first hit the scene in ’97. Nope, the Mini DolceVita is bringing those softer lines, perfectly matched with its petite 21.50mm x 29.00mm case and a brand-new stainless steel bracelet. […]