2016 highlights

Planet Pulp

Artworks put together over the course of a year for Planet Pulp. You can see the collection here.

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema's very first horror world: 28 Days Later. Weeks leading up to the event, the tension and intrigue was certainly built up from Secret Cinema emails stating the day was to be an ‘intense’ experience. Scrubs on, we set across London to head to the event, people coming up to us bemused and saying they’d ‘vote’ for junior doctors. Once through the gates, we were ushered through a hospital facility, with blood samples and masks as props and informed by military everything was ‘contained’ and under control. Later on, all hell broke lose, the facility became a wasteland with mountains of debris and dark derelict corridors. The infected would crawl over the rubble, snarling and try to grab at us as we pelted through the maze of rubble. Safety is considered and well choreographed; an extremely elaborate haunted house ride if you like, but still the experience was terrifying, atmospheric and thrilling.

Movie Pilot

Movie Pilot approached me to produce artworks and infographic assets for their online Disaster Movie Fanzine. You can view the project in more detail here.

The team approached me again to produce artworks and infographic assets for their online Science of Superheroes Fanzine. You can view the project in more detail here. You can view the live fanzine here.

Stranger Things

Shortlist invited me, along with other talented artists, to produce a piece for the brilliant Netflix show. As an added bonus, it was revealed that the pieces were shown to the the cast and crew, who selected their favourite. It was awesome for whoever was chosen, I was just honoured to be a part of it! Luckily mine wasn't the worst so fortunately I wasn't sent to the Upside Down…

Gallery 1988

‘Raksha & Mowgli’
Really proud to have had my first piece of work exhibited at Gallery 1988 as part of the Tree & The Rock exhibition. A slightly different take and tone compared to my usual work, as this had to appeal to kids. A fantastic project to have worked on!

Prints are available here.


What a way to end a year by having your work featured in a book. The incredible team at Poster Spy and ARTitude invited me along with over 50 other artists, to contribute to this beautiful book of alternative movie posters.

The book's available to buy here.

Rogue One

“Urgh… not another Star Wars film on the Death Star…” Sceptics would roll their eyes. Yep, but in defence of Rogue One, we’d never seen the Death Star’s ferocious and destructive force of what can happen to a targeted planet close up at ground level. You better hope your ship can jump to light speed when you see the Death Star on the horizon. As well as being more emotional than I’d anticipated, what an ending we were treated to. Added is a nice and dramatic touch showing a sequence of Vader in a scene of utter carnage. Think claustrophobic corridors, and rats escaping a hell hole tunnel of fire. The ending is the most epic chase sequence I've seen in a long time, segwaying from the narrative of Rogue One to A New Hope very effectively.

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